How do I place an order?

Orders may be placed by either calling (714) 213-4051 or emailing me at etteyam at yahoo dot com.

To receive pricing information, please include the following information:

  • Name of event
  • Event date, time and location
  • Number of guests you’re expecting
  • Party theme or cake design ideas you may have
  • Flavor/filling preferences
  • Your name and contact info

Once we receive this information, we will create a custom Quote for your event and email it to you. The Quote should be reviewed carefully, signed and faxed/mailed back along with a  50% deposit to hold your date and book your order. Please note that for custom cakes, we recommend that you place your order at least 4 weeks prior to your event. There is a $30 RUSH fee for orders booked less than 7 days before the event.

How much does your cake cost?

Our cakes start at $3.00 per serving and vary upon complexity of the design. Tiered cakes start at $5.00 per serving.  We do have a minimum order of $75 for basic cakes and $150 for tiered and 3D cakes.

Why do custom cakes cost more than a Walmart or Costco cake?

Custom cakes are considered edible art that serve as a showpiece at your event. Custom cakes take hours of labor to produce…it involves making the cakes from scratch with fresh ingredients, and artfully decorating it to your specifications and design. Retail store cakes are usually boxed mixes baked at the main plant, frozen  and shipped to their local stores, kept in the freezer until it’s decorated to be sold on a specific day. The cake decorator probably spends 5-10 minutes to slap some premade icing on the cake. At TMPC, we take pride  in choosing the finest ingredients and creating delightful flavors that will stimulate your palate. We definitely spend more than 10 minutes to create a masterpiece.

What flavor combinations do you offer?

From our moist white cake with raspberry buttercream filling to our decadent extreme chocolate cake with chocolate filling, the flavor combinations are endless! Also popular are vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream filling, red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

Where are you located? Do you deliver?

We are located in Tampa, FL and delivery is offered upon availability to Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. Delivery charge starts at $20 within a 15 mi radius. Additional mileage is charged at $1/mi.


One thought on “FAQs

  1. Hi yeyettes! so proud of you…murag it was just yesterday na gakayak kayak ta…and now…years and two kids later, you are baking and making these beautiful cakes!!!

    Keep on keeping on….and many more cakes to make!!!

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