Not Your Ordinary Birthday Cake

I am truly honored to have made this little girl’s first birthday cake. Even before my good friend, Jess, asked, I had already said yes. So what makes this cake and this one year old special, you ask? A few weeks after she was born, this little girl was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defect. At barely 4 months old, she underwent open heart surgery. At 1 year old, A has come a long way and has conquered a huge hurdle in her life. She is truly a warrior and the bravest little girl I know! Her first birthday party was a true celebration of life and love.

To celebrate this milestone, my friend wanted to do a hearts-themed party, incorporating elements of vintage and the colors coral/teal/gray/pink. After several hours spent at the drawing board, Jess and I came up with a 3-tier cake decorated in chevron, hearts and paisley patterns. Bottom tier is a 10-inch square dummy, middle tier is 8-inch round and top tier is 6-inch round. Cake is lemon cake with raspberry filling covered with marshmallow fondant.





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